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The rest of the mistakes made fall under the Evaluation and Interaction buckets since they are focused on single card over/under evaluations in the perceived open metagame to start the season. I believe that the Process mistake section could be seriously expanded upon (and have been in other media here on site, especially on past episodes of Tech Talk) also because a lot of these Interaction mistakes may have been caught earlier with the benefit of a better Process or more Time. 

We only have control over one of these two, so just keep in mind the importance of Process in all of these later issues, knowing that with a solid strong Process you will eliminate many early mistakes.

Onto the Interaction mistakes, with likely a lot of overlap (we are a team after all lol):


Not as Universal as expected

Scott Landis

The two biggest over evaluation cards for me were Battlefield Report and Laser Cutlass. I thought Battlefield Report would be as innocuous for defensive builds as Incoming Transmission was for aggressive ones, but in reality the “Draw Two” part of Incoming Transmission to get you to a needed Upgrade for the turn is arguably more important that the pseudo-Plan ability. So in reality, in a heavy defensive deck, you are spending your action card phase for the turn on slightly upgrading your defense if you spike a double a few cards down from where they would have been otherwise. In a mixed deck, with doubles on both sides, it may have more use, but there are still likely better active actions to effect your own turn. It is simply a matter of having limited phases to play your cards.


Self-Reflection (Recent trips to Paris inspired..)

The second is likely controversial, but I over valued Laser Cutlass. If you check out the Black Pip article Palmer wrote ( ) I added a chart to the middle of it that basically explains when Pierce is actually relevant. This is the handy- dandy “2x2 grid” I keep referring to on Tech Talk and you can see that Pierce is “Bad or Mediocre” more times than it is “Good” for sure. This logic 100% applies to Laser Cutlass, and thus I now feel it should reside in Sideboards versus main decks. Even on a smaller attack character, who would seem to benefit the most from Laser Cutlass, against most decks the effect simply is not worth the upgrade. 

For example, let’s take the extreme and say you put this on a two attack character. That character is now “Attack 3, Pierce 3” which seems great, except for the multitude of times you are facing off against Orange decks. Orange decks are likely to only defend for their base Defense plus maybe an errant Bashing Shield, so best case scenario against some of them you are staring down a three defense. Well, assuming you are a wide Blue deck, this seems to be a winning situation, your three attack now completely translates to three damage. The problem is, that if you started with two attack and simply added a random three power weapon instead you would be doing two damage (assuming they defend for zero extra) and that weapon is likely much more universal than the initial Cutlass. This example is extreme as most Orange aggro decks do not get over two defense most of the time, making these weapons equal, and cards like Grenade Launcher clearly stand out as the better option even in defensive builds. 

The main point is while I do not believe Laser Cutlass was 100% miss-identified as a “great card versus a mediocre one” (like Battlefield Report) its ubiquitous use in defensive decks was overstated and a waste in initial builds.


When One > Three

Dan Arnold:

Laser Cutlass- with the spoil of Laser Cutlass I was head over heels for the card (still am) however I think its use is far more limited than I expected. I wanted the card to be a replacement for Energon Axe and it simply is not. Now, that may be meta related with needing cards like Energon Axe to help KO characters in Orange decks or just a lack of 3 Wide Blue decks in general, but the card really only felt good in four and five wide Blue decks, and even there not universally needed.

Vince DeGulis:

My interaction issues were more “in-game” related: many of my losses this “season” were quite simply where I went on “auto-pilot”. My opponents stayed sharp, I zoned out and it cost me.


NOT a Legend on the Battlefield...

Jon Palmer:

Alpha Trion-I thought Schizomus Prime would see a good amount of play, as his stats are reasonable at 11 stars, and his Primelike abilities are both solid. However, his lower base attack meant he couldn't consistently one-shot people turn 1 like the Battlefield Legend does, and his lack of overall effect and high flip density meant he didn't work as the driver in any 11/7/7 or 11/9/5 decks (as compared to one of the MVPs of this set, General Optimus)

Battlefield Report-An Incoming Transmission on defense seemed like it would be solid, but in practice it just really underwhelmed.

Laser Cutlass-Undeniably still a good card, but with Aerialbots slipping back in popularity, no other combiner teams stepping up, and people not willing to use deck slots on weapons that generally go on "support" characters, it didn't see as much play. Also hurt by the fact this was an "orange" set.


Didnt miss all of em...

The Siege I metagame started out and remains very interesting and exciting.  The set leaned heavily on very good characters, with Battle Cards taking a back seat this set comparatively.  Many older strategies remained viable and several new ones rose to the top of the heap.  

Not everything during this time was a mistake, invention of the aggro-control General Optimus Prime archetype, creation of the Blaster build (arguably the most popular and successful deck of the EIQ season), and continued improvement to get Shockwave to playable levels as the season ended, were all wins we made as a team. Reflection on past actual and potential mistakes is key for growth, and this exercise helps us as a team to improve ourselves moving forward.  Hopefully you gleaned some insight into the self-reflection process, or at least now can take that journey on your own as well!


'Till all are one


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