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Tech Talk 60: Rules CHanges, PPG Dallas, Energon Invitation

Note: this was recorded on 11/26, well before the banning of Multi-Mission Gear, so references to the Daring Escape combo are "outdated". If you want to skip the PPG Dallas coverage and get right to our thoughts on the upcoming Energon Invitational, feel free :-)

We go over the OP Rules changes (NOT the MMG banning), the results from the PPG Dallas, and then have a discussion around the upcoming Energon Invitational: the Marathon day, how to avoid long lines, what to prepare for mentally, etc.

Tech Talk 59: The dangers of combo

 We are very excited for this week's Tech Talk! Vince and Scott had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Drew Nolosco, Brand Manager of the Transformers TCG, and John Schork, PR director of the Transformers TCG, about the newly launched "Organized Play Programs" (In-Store Support) by WOTC, potential future expansion, the current RotC metagame, and then some long conversation about the upcoming Siege: War for Cybertron I set dropping June 28!  Do not miss this exciting interview! 

Tech Talk 57: Energon Edition and Siege II Top Battle Cards

Scott and Vince discuss the week's Transformers TCG news that dropped around Energon Edition and the lack of set rotation in 2020.  Then they discuss the Battle Cards in Siege II they are most looking forward to sleeving up! 

Tech Talk 56: Top Siege II Characters

Scott and Vince discuss the Siege II characters they are most excited about brewing new decks around. Broken down into "Deck defining" and "Support" characters! If you want to shortcut this exciting set with some expert competitive advice, stay tuned!

Tech Talk 55: Siege II Final Reveals!

Join Scott and Vince as they discuss the remaining, exciting reveals from Siege II from the week of 10/19. Then they have a free-form discussion of how they feel the set will shape the coming metagame!

Tech Talk 54: Siege II Reveals week of 10/14

Scott and Vince discuss results the Siege II reveals from the week of 10/14 including a lot of exciting new and large character cards!  Only a few more cards to go and we are fully ready to test the known Energon Invitational metagame (probably?)! 

Tech Talk 53: PPG Tour columbus and PTA Ban

 Scott and Vince discuss results from the first PPG Tour stop in Columbus, Ohio before getting into the really big news for the week: the Banning of Press the Advantage! 

Tech Talk 52: Siege II Spoilers Week of 10/8

Join Scott and Vince as they dive into another round of Siege II Previews, this time from the week of 10/8! 

Tech Talk 51: Siege II Battle Cards week of 10/1

 Part II of the massive number of Previews for the week of 10/1 !  This time we discuss the Battle Cards, including the very exciting and powerful Mercenary based ones!    A  lot to unpack here, cant wait to get into it!

Tech Talk 50(!!): Siege Characters Week of 10/1

 What an exciting week!  Mercenaries!  New Character!  Join Scott and Vince as they dive into this new territory for the Transformers TCG (and the Siege continuity!) 

Tech Talk 49: Origins Round Up

Battle Card Reveals (Siege II) week of 9/23

Tech Talk 48: PPG Tour and Siege II Characters

Scott and Vince return this week for an in-depth discussion of the exciting new PPG Circuit for Transformers TCG as well as going over the Siege II Character cards released the week of 9/23! Stay tuned next time for a discussion on the Battle Cards! 

Tech Talk 47: Siege II Characters week of 9/16

Join Scott and Vince for Part II of going over the Siege II previews the week of 9/16. Today we go over all the exciting characters, and there are a lot of them!

Tech Talk 46: Siege ii battle cards week of 9/16

Join Scott and Vince for part I of a massive review for all the Siege II : War for Cybertron previews released the week of 9/16.  Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II when we go over all the characters released this week as well!

Tech Talk 45: Siege ii spoilers cont.

Two episodes in two days! In light of spoiler season kicking off in full swing and some exciting content the rest of the week, Scott and Vince return right away to discuss the next round of Siege II spoilers...enjoy!

Stay tuned for the rest of the week for some exciting reveals, live recording to discuss all the new spoilers and the Energon Invitational on Thursday!

Tech Talk 44 EIQ Reports

 Vince and Scott talk about some local Energon Invitational Qualifiers (one being the 31 player largest one on record!) and how to approach the rest of the season in its last few weeks! 

Tech Talk 43 : EIQs

Scott and Vince talk about the Energon Invitational Qualfiier season: how you should treat the season as a potentially already qualified player, what to do in certain situations, etc.   Tech Talk is the only weekly Transformers TCG podcast, enjoy! 

Tech Talk 42: Spheres cont.

Scott and Vince expand upon the "Spheres Theory" that Scott wrote about last week: an attempt to esoterically explain the metagame! Definitely one you do NOT want to miss, and please feel free to shoot any questions our way! 

Tech Talk Wotc interview

 Scott and Vince from Tech Talk had a great opportunity to sit down with many members of the WotC Transformers TCG design/brand staff and discuss both the event at Gen Con (recorded on Saturday AM), the design of the game, and the future of the game.  Thanks to the staff for this unique opportunity!  Enjoy!  

Note: Audio is best you can do given the nature of a giant hall at Gen Con