by Dan Arnold

Now let’s be honest I already know most of you will ignore all the text in this article, however those of you that take the time and read it I want to thank you in advance! I spent the last two months helping to design a card for the Transformers TCG as part of the prize for winning the Energon Invitational. The journey was much shorter than I expected it to be, but we have completed the card in a timely manner..we wanted to get this card to you ASAP! With that being said let’s have a look!


A cursory evaluation of this characters capabilities indicates a distinct tactical advantage

Ok, so there you have it! The first player designed card in the Transformers TCG. Yes, that’s right just a mere 2 months after winning the Energon Invitational the card is complete! On April 17 with the release of Titan Masters Attack! you will be able to play with it! 

Trust me, I’m as shocked as you are about the speed of it! I’m sure you all have many questions, and I’m going to do my absolute best to cover them all through multiple forms of media over the coming weeks; whether it be articles, podcasts, etc. I’ll do my best to say whatever I’m allowed to say about it.


A cursory evaluation of this characters capabilities indicates a distinct tactical advantage


To start, you may be wondering how you get this lovely character card since it is a Promo? Well that’s easy! Do you plan on buying boxes of Titan Masters Attack? Then you’re in luck!  

Perceptor and Convex are the Titan Masters Attack buy-a-box promos. When you purchase a sealed display of Titan Masters Attack from a participating WPN retailer, you will get one Perceptor AND one Convex card. WPN retailers can sign up for the promotion by ordering a Titan Masters Attack in-store play kit now through February 23rd.

Simple, easy. Buy a box, get Perceptor! I am very excited to be bringing the first buy-a-box incentive to support your LGS to the Transformers TCG! Now you will get BOTH a Fortress Maximus AND Perceptor with each purchased box!

Now let’s get to the fun part!!


“Preceptor Precise Sniper”

I do not have a favorite character in Transformers lore, I was not a massive fan of the IP prior to the TCG as I am on record saying many times. I’ll say this much though, this character will hold a place in my heart forever now. The journey of how this became Perceptor later on, but for starters let’s talk the design process. 

Seven days before Christmas I was lucky enough to have a phone conversation with Drew Nolosco and the rest of the Transformers TCG team. It was at that moment that I learned the rules about how my card would and could be made, the guide rails I had to follow, that this card was going to be in the upcoming Wave Five set, and then learned about the Titan Masters and Strategem cards. I had to know all the possible information so I could create the type of card that would fit with the set’s themes, if possible. Now, leading up to the conversation with WotC, I talked to some of my teammates (the ones I was allowed to discuss this with) about what I wanted to do and bounce ideas off of them to see what they thought was good for the game, too overpowered, too awful etc. Most of my initial ideas were over the top overpowered and never stood a chance in being made to be honest, but I’ll cover those ideas at another time, maybe.

Here is what I knew I wanted: something new that we hadn’t really seen before or knew much about. Insert Titan Masters, which created a few avenues that I didn’t even think about at the time, such as the ability to create a second card as well because then we needed a unique head as well! So I got to then create TWO cards, technically!


Gamma waves in this sector of space create marginal navigational probabilities, however..

After we established it would be a Titan Master (and thus a character card), developing the card text was the most important part for me. I started to dabble in my favorite cards from other games (mostly Magic, since let’s be honest most card concepts start there anyway..) I’ve played and how they could work in this game. 

Cards like Counterspell or Demonic Tutor were some of my original thoughts, but I had a feeling that those effects would be too good for the Transformers TCG and that having a Character with those abilities would come with a very high star cost, and quite honestly the way to get the effect may be very difficult/slow. However, I still brought those ideas to the WotC staff, and one more idea with me. Fact or Fiction.


Ahem, yes I believe I can. The Planet of Junk is in this vacinity.

Fact or Fiction is one of my all-time favorite cards from any game for many reasons. I was a Blue player in Magic, and whenever I was legally able to play this card in a format, I did. It is a very skill intensive card to play with and against, as it creates so many decision points for your opponents. From the moment I presented this idea to the design staff, they seemed very excited and within a week they had presented me with options for how it could work. Never in my wildest dreams would I believe that unlike Fact or Fiction where you lost part of the cards to the graveyard, the cards now that “went away” also gave you a serious benefit. So now you had a combat enabling ability combined with selective card draw! I was blown away to be honest. This idea was arguably an IMPROVEMENT over this tournament staple from Magic!

The card was far from complete at this point. It was simply a text box no stats,icons, or even a name. This is when Drew sent me down the TFWIKI rabbit hole to characters he thought could fit this type of card text. From the moment I read the page on PerceptorI knew that this would be the Transformer I wanted to create. Now not only was I creating a new type of card but all the sudden I was also assisting a new faction, Wrecker. I didn’t know it then but I’ve come to learn that people very much enjoy the Wreckers in Lore, and I hope I did right by all of you by putting this fan favorite character in the game!

Convex was a little less work to be very honest. I had many ideas that I wanted for the head but most of them were already being used for other Heads I was not privy to. Safeguard was not an ability on any of them, and I wanted to see if this ability would matter since it would now activate “twice” a game at minimum (assuming it is not dealt with). 

Now Safeguard hasn’t had a ton of time to shine in the game yet but giving any Titan Master the Safeguard ability can be reasonable and with cards like Swap Heads you can potentially protect multiple characters. Not to mention the fact that when this head pops off your opponent will have to attack Convex twice, if they don’t have a direct damage card. This gives this currently underused ability the possibility to shine in a new light. I also have a sneaky suspicion this head will be very good on a certain Titan Master not yet previewed!


The fortunate ones to be fast and free and young

Seeing my name on these cards is honestly just incredible. It’s something I never thought could happen, even in my wildest dreams. The moment I saw the card for the first time, and saw my name on it, I was just blown away. It will just always remind me of a great weekend, with friends and my teammates, and everything we accomplished that weekend.

I could honestly go on and on about this process and this character but to do it all in one article simply would not do the Process justice. So for now I’ll just leave you with the card, a few anecdotes, and a promise to stay tuned for more information on the card and process very soon! 

I don’t want to leave you with no strategy, so let’s take a small in-depth at Perceptor. At 9 stars (assuming we use the unrevealed one star Heads) Perceptor is a very healthy character that self-buffs himself throughout the game and fills your hand along the way. There aren’t many characters in the game with anything close to this ability and the fact that it’s a Titan Master gives you even more options for Heads. The playability for this character from a basic stats and ability perspective could be amazing for all sorts of different strategies. I’m very much looking forward to what everyone thinks about the character and I’ll be sure to lookout for how players build decks with him! Be on the lookout for more about the card and my journey in creating it!

Come back tomorrow for even more info!


'Till all are one

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