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We live in a “hot take” society. Sometimes it is not important to form an educated well-thought out opinion, just to get an opinion rapidly out to various social media outlets. If you need an example see this man below:


Insert "Lots of Yelling"

The Energon Edition is here!  You can find the announcement here: 

The team gathered virtually to put pen to paper on our first impressions of this exciting product!


Look at all the pretty stuff!


Energon Edition. Where do I start? 

How about with Cost. A quick economics lesson about Expected Value. Without boring you with the math, one aspect of Expected Value theorem says: if anything in live has a positive Expected Value, then you would do it ad infinitim until that no longer holds true. So if we look at the offering of the Energon Edition you are getting: Exclusive art and versions of character cards: two characters that are essentially out of print, four other characters (2 of which are Super Rares) from an out of print set; a full box of that set out of stock at the distributor level; six exclusive alternate art Battle cards; a cool box; free dice. It is simply impossible to ignore (at current secondary market values) that you are getting over $450 in value (not to mention that the characters are on special stock, new art, and the Battle cards are alt art foils, etc.) for under half of that cost. 

I love alternate arts, more than foils, and any opportunity to get them I am likely going to take advantage of. So there was no doubt I was going to be purchasing this product regardless, simply because I just love that collecting aspect of the game. I hope this trend continues from both a Battle Card and Character perspective, whether they be as prizes or other boutique products.

This is the perfect opportunity for new tournament players to acquire a lot of staples they need to be competitive at a great cost. Wave One Battle Cards still dominate decks everywhere, and anyone saying “they don’t need more Wave One” is either lying, enjoys switching Battle Cards from deck to deck, needs to playtest more often against their own cards, or really likes writing on the back of common battle cards with Sharpies (ie. proxying). 

If you don’t like Alt Arts and you already own Cliffjumper and Slipstream, than this product may not be for you, and that’s ok, because it is simply a reprint set you do not even “need” to be competitive. If you did need those cards, love Alt Arts, or are simply out to Catch ‘em All, this is the perfect holiday gift for yourself or the Transformers TCG player on your list…but seriously, marketing aside (no, I don’t work for WOTC lol), I think this product is great for players of all types and I am very excited to be ordering some on the day they are available. 




Two weeks of Cybertronian letters lead to the Energon Edition! When they started revealing those letters I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I had different hopes for different things but in the end, it didn’t matter there wasn’t much reason for me to speculate. I don’t do well with teasers: for me it’s all or nothing. I’ve seen some incredibly great movie trailers followed by some petty awful movies (insert 95% of DC movies since Dark Knight Rises), but I have to say I am quite overwhelmed by the announcement of the Energon Edition! 

Giving us a nice package of cards all in one box along with them being Alternate Arts, and even our first look at Foil Battle Cards, is honestly a sweet thing all together. For me I’ve played in an event with every single one of those characters, except Slipstream (I do not own one, +1 for incentive to buy this, Editor’s Note: he doesn’t own Cliffjumper either, I just had one to lend him ;-) ). What this product truly represents is something we can look forward to now. Maybe you don’t need these cards this time, maybe you don’t like these Alt Arts, but what this shows is that there will likely be more products like this giving us more opportunity to obtain Alternate Art Cards. In past games I always enjoyed Winning them, but just the idea of getting 2 SDCC promos, 2 SRTs, and 2 of the better Rare’s as alternate arts, along with the first set of Foil Battle Cards seems like a pretty fair deal to me for $200.... but you even get a Box of Wave One. Seriously, add this baby to my Christmas list haha. 

I really like the new look of the Characters quite frankly I think they look all around more symmetrical, clean, and just slick. Even the Cube Itself, and the Box that holds cards looks sweet. The Art itself looks awesome for just about all the characters as well. All in all, this is a product I will be happy to pick up! 


Jon Palmer: 

This is an excellent product for collectors, and I like the fact they’re continuing a trend started with the 80s Blaster and Soundwave set and coming up with outside the box ways to generate new product without designing new cards. It also is an excellent way to get people to jump into the game without having to drop as much cash on wave one product. 

However it’s also disappointing that they’ve chosen this as the method to increase the supply of Cliffjumper and Slipstream available. While the additional cards will certainly bring down their secondary market prices, I would have preferred to see a more straightforward method of allowing players to obtain them. But I’m not going to let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and this absolutely should answer players who claimed the two SDCC promos were ‘unavailable’ to them.”


Pretty Battle Cards too!


It's finally happening! It's funny to an extent. I've said the phrase "worst kept secret" a lot over the lifespan of this game. I'm no psychic, it's simply experience from seeing games for this many years. This announcement of reprints is in that category. 

*Patpat* ow my back….

Terrible jokes aside this is actually really cool. First off, I love the artwork and the new card layout. Second, foil battle cards? Sign me up! How long until we can do entirely foil decks? I don't know but hopefully soon! I also believe this is beneficial beyond simply cosmetic reasons. Market value is clearly going to be impacted and that's good for everyone trying to get their mitts on the elusive promos of the first year. 

Cards aren't really any good if you can't reasonably get possession of them. Now we can of course quibble as to what defines "reasonable" however I think if you look at the value provided by this set that the sticker shock of two bills wears off quickly. Between the cards and the accoutrements, it isn't tough to piece together how the price point was determined. Additionally, it should assuage other collector's concerns about maintaining value on the existing cardboard. Since there are significant differences between these cards and the first iteration someone could quite simply prefer the original. I mean there are people I know who DON'T like foils (*gasp*!). Crazy, I know. 

Overall I am pretty positive about this product, although I do ultimately wish the price was lower. It seems steep for a number of cards that haven't seen high end competitive play. Further ideally this would be a great onboarding point for people who missed Wave One. At the current price that's kind of a tough ask. Admittedly, that is judging the product on something it isn't intended to be, so it is unfair in the end. Plus I can see the collector value contained here. I anticipate those that want this type of thing will be pretty pleased. 


'Till all are one


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