Team Vector Sigma Decklists

Dinobot Bold

Dinobot Decklist

Updated Bold 1 Dino article with post set release changes

Slipstream Planes

Slipstream Aggro

Second Bold article.  After testing "normal seeker planes" I still feel this build has more game

Nemesis Prime Control

Nemesis Prime Decklist

Bold based control deck focused around Nemesis Prime

Power of the Primes - The Touch


10-0 Tournament deck from Pax Unplugged piloted by Scott Landis of Vector Sigma (see article for potential upgrades)

Insecticons - Mark's Take with updates


A slightly different take from Jon Palmer's uncut sheet winning list adapted for the current competitive metagame, understand that small numbers of battle card changes can have big effects on results!

Insecticons - Pax Uncut Sheet Winning Deck


 Jon Palmer, a member of team, goes over his Uncut Sheet winning Insecticon list and the decisions made in building and playing it! 

Dan's Dino's Updated


Updated Dinobot List per the latest VectorSigmainfo Youtube Video (

Default Cars - Old Meta


Prior to the Primes dominated metagame, this deck was designed by Scott Landis to combat Insecticons (which it will continue to dominate)

Updated Cars - by Vince


Deck Vince used to win a local holiday tournament as an updated Cars list

Metroplex - Jon Palmer


Deck build Palmer played to success the last weekend in 2018 featuring our first Titan!

All Hail Optimus


Click the decklist to see the full deck-tech on the youtube page!

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