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Siege: War for Cybertron

Dare to be Stupid: Vince's CBS Experience


Vince recaps his top four performance at the CBS Energon Edition event on Jan. 25.  He takes a strong and potentially controversial stance on dealing with this level of combo oppression

Energon Invitational Tournament Report: Dan Arnold, Champion


 Energon Invitational CHAMPION Dan Arnold discusses his experiences throughout the event and has some retrospective moments on other TCG experiences in his past.  A great look behind the curtain of our champ! 

Energon Edition: Hot Takes


Team gives you some first impressions of the exciting new Energon Edition boutique product!

See original WOTC announcement here: 

Congruence Part I: Pogo and TF TCG


A new series where the team looks at other hobbies they partake in that have practical applications when trying to improve yourself as a Transformers TCG player.  Dan starts with his high level PVP play in Pokemon GO!

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion: Kinetic


Scott takes a deep dive on two new Upgrades from Siege II: War for Cybertron that feature a way to get more value from your flips!

Press the Advantage Banned: Hot Takes


Whenever large events happen in the Transformers TCG we try and swarm as a group and address you are in for a treat of various opinions on the recent banning of Press the Advantage.

See the Wizards of the Coast article for full explanation here: 

Siege I Mistakes: Evaluation


Team continues their journey of self-reflection on mistakes (with some wins mentioned) during the early stages of the Siege I metagame!

Siege I Mistakes : Process


Similar to during the RotC metagame, team sits down to discuss mistakes made early on in the Siege I meta and how they evolved over time (Part I, Part II tomorrow!)

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Siege II Preview : Sidetrack


Vince reveals the next member of the Battle Patrol : Private Sidetrack!  Read about some exciting uses of this small defensive Treasure Hunter! 

Defensive Options


Tired of wading through a Sea of Orange throughout the Energon Invitational Qualifier season?  Maybe you just need to explore some other options in your defensive decks.  Join Vince as he highlights some strategies that may help your Blue based deck building! 

Shock to the System


Fresh of the deck tech that qualified Bryan for the Energon Invitational ( ), Dan takes a deeper dive as to how he arrived at the Specialst Shockwave list in its current form! 

Rung's Ruminations: Let it Go!


Vince continues his focus on the psychological side of the Transformers TCG with a look at when you may need to "Let it Go" when looking at your favorite characters in Lore compared to their competitive implications 

The Spherical Metagame Part II


 Scott concludes (continues?) his theory on the Metagame, complete with a Spherical graphic that explains how various deck builds interact. Just the tip of the iceberg for this complex topic 

The Spherical Metagame: Part I


 A theory so large it had to be stretched over two day!  Join Scott as he begins a journey of defining the Siege metagame..not on a deck by deck basis, but in a theoretical sense.. 

Dare to be Stupid: CBS Energon Edition Tournament Report


Vince talks about his Top 4 tournament experience with a Daring Escape/EMP Wave combo deck at the Energon Edition Tournament at the Comic Book Store in South NJ on Jan. 25.  Includes some drastic and potentially controversial stances on how to handle this level of oppression!

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Trust your Team


Dan talks about his Top 16 finish at Gen Con and the importance of being able to trust your teammates to pick up the slack when real life has you busy before a big event!

EIQ Report: Joel Grizzelle


Guest writer Joel Grizzelle tells us about his deck and EIQ win from Texas with an interesting deck build that uses both a Micromaster and Battlemaster to great effect!  This deck shows how a concept can adapt over time and improve when given new tools to work with! 

Hot Town, Summer in the City


Jon Palmer discusses his experience using the Titan Metroplex in the Friday AM Gen Con Open Invitational Qualifier!

Gen Con Report - Vince


 Fresh off a Top Eight in the Gen Con Open, Vince recounts the experience beginning with the dropping of Siege through the event itself! 

Gen Con Final Prep


Origins Open finalist Dan Arnold gives some last minute advice to prepare yourself for what is sure to be the highest attended, highest competition level Transformers TCG event to date at Gen Con!  Even if you are not attending, there is some great tournament advice to be gleaned!

Self Reflection on "Why?!"


Vince gives a short synopsis of his self-reflection playing the Transformers TCG during the RotC meta and how it affected his mental toughness and desires to compete 

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Siege: Orange Preview


 Origins Energon Open Finalist Dan Arnold takes a look at updating some of the RotC Orange decks with powerful Siege Orange options!

Looking to the Past for Inspiration


In early attempts to make sense of this new upcoming Metagame, in such a short time frame, Scott Landis looks to Battle cards of the past for inspiration and synergy

Black Hats


Jon Palmer takes a critical look at the new Black Pip in the game and its potential implications, if any, on the environment

Is Siege when we "All Hail Megatron?"


 Vince takes a look back at the various iterations of Megatron that failed to make a splash on the competitive front, and looks forward to the new General Megatron who may succeed where others failed?! 

Siege: Meta Updates


Dan Arnold takes a look at using Siege  to update two of the major players in the RotC metagame:  Aerialbots and All Hail Optimus

Siege: Sealed Pools


Take a look at four Siege Sealed Deck Pools and how we would have built them!

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Siege: Sealed Deck Primer


Scott continues our Sealed Deck focused week with a Primer on the "rules" of Siege Sealed deck!

Origins Recap: Dan Arnold (2nd)


 Dan Arnold recounts his Origins weekend (and some before) that led up to his impressive second place finish in the first major TF TCG OP Event! 

Preview Character: Micromaster Top Shot


Scott Landis introduces us to a new Micromaster who mirrors a very popular Orange Battle card! 

Preview Battle Card: Spinner Rims


Scott Landis introduces us to a new Utility that is sure to help out Mirage and Jazz, Spinner Rims!

The Evolution of Sentinels


Dan Arnold takes a look of how the powerful aggro-control Sentinels deck has evolved since the start of the RotC metagame..a must read to understand this powerful deck!

Preview Character: Micromaster Flak


 Scott Landis introduces us to the Micromaster strategist Flak, going heavily in depth as to how effective the Micromaster abilities can be in forcing Tempo on your opponents!

Latest Articles - Rise of the Combiners

Anatomy of a Mistake


Jon Palmer, inspired by last week's internal look at mistakes does a deeper dive on a Dreadwind deck he played competitively...poorly 

RotC First Month Missteps Part II


 Join Team for our second round-table article about missteps we made in evaluating and playing with RotC in the first month of its release.  

RotC First Month Missteps


Join Team for our first round-table article about missteps we made in evaluating and playing with RotC in the first month of its release.  Look for a second list (we made many!) later this week!

Is Optimus missing in action?


 Dan Arnold ponders where Optimus Prime Battlefield Legend has been hdindg out during the first month of the RotC metagame 

Flip Density


 Scott Landis discusses a important consideration he uses when deck building and playing he's dubbed "Flip Density".  He goes over examples of it during Wave One, and how it has vastly improved with Rise of the Combiners 

Junkion Jank : It Takes a Village


Vince talks about updates he made to Metroplex with Rise of the Combiners and how they allowed him to top four a local case tournament with Titan!

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Starscream: It's good to be the King!


Mark Kinney goes extremely in depth as to where two weeks of testing and theory crafting led to this well-oiled machine of a Starscream deck.  Strap in for a deep dive into Decepticon Royalty! 

Player Interviews: Wave One and RotC


Join Dan Arnold as he interviews four Transformers TCG influencers who all showed up to play in the last Case tournament during Wave One

Junkion Jank : Steamrolling the Competition


Vince updates a Wave One combo deck with Rise of the Combiners tech, a critical look at the Sunstorm/Steamroll combo!

Re-Rise of the Insecticons

Insecticons Transformers TCG

 Mark takes a look at how everyone's favorite all-in aggressive deck, Insecticons, shifts focus, changes some cards, and greatly improves with Rise of the Combiners 

Changing the Resource Paradigm with RoTC


Scott takes a look at a potential paradigm shift in how we look at resource costs in the game with ways to gain more efficient action phases through certain exciting cards in Rise of the Combiners 

But there is a "Me" in Team


Jon Palmer takes a look at some of the Combiner parts and discusses their uses outside the stated Combiner team!   

Rise of the Combiners Preview 4: Bombshell (the Remix)


The Remix of Bombshell brings combo potential to the forefront of the Transformers TCG.  Read about this interesting Rise of the Combiners Insecticon in Scott's preview article!  

Rise of the Combiners Preview 3: Inverted!

Transformers TCG Inverted!

Looking to fit a square peg into a round hole for your team?  Look here for an answer!

Rise of the Combiners Preview 2: Recon System


The one-star upgrade Recon System can improve your combat math by 45%, that's worth the star!

Rise of the Combiners Preview 1: Venin


The larger leader of the Insecticons may help bring the Discard/Control deck archetype to the Transformers TCG, Scott Landis with our first Rise of the Combiners Exclusive Preview Card!

Vince's Early Takes

image49 team member and host of "Tech Talk" Vince talks about some of his early impressions of Wave 2, focused on how old cards will be improved by what we have seen thus far

Latest Articles - Wave ONe Metagame

Hits and misses from the Wave 1 Puzzle


 It is important when facing a new set to look back at the calls one made with the older set(s) and walk through some of the steps that changed your mind over time.  We can only improve by recognizing past errors! 

Weird Plex but OK


 Jon Palmer of Team discusses his experiences building and playing Metroplex at some year end tournaments!  If you are looking to use and abuse this Titan, check it out! 

Cars Redux


Vince DeGulis, host of the Tech Talk podcast, with his first written article for  He goes over an Autobot Cars list he adapted to win a local tournament over the Holiday Break

Stepping out the door: A First Time TF TCG Experience


  Dan Arnold, a current member of team and former professional TCG teammate of Scott, talks about his Pax Unplugged tournament experiences; focusing on the easy mistakes you make early on in playing and adjusting your decks as you learn the competitive scene 

Insecticons vs. Primes: Primer


 Mark Kinney, a member of team, goes a bit deeper into the Insecticons deck that he has so much tournament experience with, specifically focusing on the match-up with Power of the Primes/The Touch!  

Interview with Drew Nolosco!

Drew Nolosco Transformers Trading Card game TCG

 A transcription (due to technical difficulties) of our interview with Drew Nolosco, Brand Manager of the Transformers TCG, at Pax Unplugged.  Drew sat down with Scott and Vin of 'Tech Talk and we thank him for his insights! 

Understanding your Mistakes


Scott reflectively dissects ONE PLAY he made in a match-up with Joe Baiocchi from Saturday's Uncut Sheet tournament at Pax.  What is a mistake in game play? How do you recognize it?  How can you learn from it?  

Pax Unplugged Recap: The Touch


Scott goes over a Pax Unplugged recap and deck tech of his version of Power of the Primes, dubbed "The Touch"

Post Game Commentary with Wreck 'N Rule


 I always enjoy commentary after the fact on matches since it helps the players playing, the audience, and the reviewer.  It allows me to "play games" virtually even if I am not the one in the match.  Let me know if you want to see more of this type of content!  

Tribal Warfare: Neutral Cards that Shine


  Each Tribe in the Transformers TCG has their own themes and cards, but which universal cards shine in certain Tribal Themes?   

Article Archive

Pax Unplugged Recap: Bugs!


 Jon Palmer, a member of team, goes over his Uncut Sheet winning Insecticon list and the decisions made in building and playing it! 

Planning out your Turns: Part 1, Calculate Damage


 It is vital that you plan out the probable RESULTS of your attacks BEFORE you do anything in the turn.  Start with the basics. 

Go Wide, Young Man by Jon Palmer


Guest Columnist Jon Palmer, teammate of Scott Landis, discusses an easy to build, efficient deck 

Freedom Lies in Being Bold: Part 3

Nemesis Prime

The third part of our article series, focusing on the BOLD keyword...this time we look at a Nemesis Prime based Control deck

Freedom Lies in Being Bold: Part 2

Transfomert Trading Card Game Megatron Optimus Prime Bold Strategy

The second part of our article series, focusing on the BOLD keyword...this time we look at a Plane Aggro-Control deck with a slight BOLD theme

Freedom Lies in Being Bold: Part 1, Aggression


Our first article series, focusing on the BOLD keyword, in the first part we look at an aggressive deck build utilizing BOLD