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Patreon Gen Con Recap


A deep analysis of team and patron performance from Gen Con..and a guide to what you're missing by NOT being a part of this Patreon !

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Tech Talk 44: EIQs


Vince and Scott talk about some local Energon Invitational Qualifiers (one being the 31 player largest one on record!) and how to approach the rest of the season in its last few weeks! 

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Defensive Options


Tired of wading through a Sea of Orange throughout the Energon Invitational Qualifier season?  Maybe you just need to explore some other options in your defensive decks.  Join Vince as he highlights some strategies that may help your Blue based deck building!  

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Siege I: War for cybertron

Shock to the System

Fresh off the deck tech that qualified for the

Fresh of the deck tech that qualified Bryan for the Energon Invitational ( ), Dan takes a deeper dive as to how he arrived at the Specialst Shockwave list in its current form!

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Tech Talk 43: EIQs


Scott and Vince talk about the Energon Invitational Qualfiier season: how you should treat the season as a potentially already qualified player, what to do in certain situations, etc.   Tech Talk is the only weekly Transformers TCG podcast, enjoy! 

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Rung's Ruminations: Letting it Go!


Vince continues his focus on the psychological side of the Transformers TCG with a look at when you may need to "Let it Go" when looking at your favorite characters in Lore compared to their competitive implications  

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Siege Metagame Analysis

Tech Talk 41: Siege II Spoiler Talk


 Scott and Vince go over the recent Siege II spoilers (Trypticon, Hot Rod, Ratbat) and discuss some potential future use for them! 

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Trust your Team


 Dan talks about his Top 16 finish at Gen Con and the importance of being able to trust your teammates to pick up the slack when real life has you busy before a big event! 

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Guest Article: Joel Grizzelle EIQ Report


Guest writer Joel Grizzelle tells us about his deck and EIQ win from Texas with an interesting deck build that uses both a Micromaster and Battlemaster to great effect!  This deck shows how a concept can adapt over time and improve when given new tools to work with!

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Siege I : Metagame ANalysis

Tech Talk 42: Spheres Cont.


Scott and Vince expand upon the "Spheres Theory" that Scott wrote about last week: an attempt to esoterically explain the metagame! Definitely one you do NOT want to miss, and please feel free to shoot any questions our way! 

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The Spherical Metagame Part II


Scott concludes (continues?) his theory on the Metagame, complete with a Spherical graphic that explains how various deck builds interact. Just the tip of the iceberg for this complex topic

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The Spherical Metagame: Part I


A theory so large it had to be stretched over two day!  Join Scott as he begins a journey of defining the Siege metagame..not on a deck by deck basis, but in a theoretical sense..

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Gen Con Recaps

Tech Talk 40: Post Event Evaluation


Scott and Vince use Gen Con as a case study for how to evaluate your performance in an event.  They go over how to understand your assumptions going in versus how it all worked out.  This is a deep subject and one to be explored in more detail later on! 

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Hot Town, Summer in the City


 Jon Palmer discusses his experience using the Titan Metroplex in the Friday AM Gen Con Open Invitational Qualifier! 

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Junkion Jank: Gen Con Recap


Fresh off a Top Eight in the Gen Con Open, Vince recounts the experience beginning with the dropping of Siege through the event itself!

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Gen Con REcaps

Ranged General Optimus Deck Tech


Vince hosts Scott while he goes over his Top Four deck profile: General Optimus Prime/Barrage/Firedrive

Hot off the heels of Wizards own Scott Van Essen loving the deck and featuring it on the main Facebook page, find it here:

We go card by card for both the Characters, Battle Deck, and the sideboard ran at Gen Con.  

This deck remains well positioned in the Energon Invitational Qualifier metagame, so give it a try!

Watch it here

Tech Talk 39: Gen Con Recap 1

Join Top Eight teammates Scott Landis (Top 4) and Vince DeGulis (Top 8) as they recap the general fe

Join Top Eight teammates Scott Landis (Top 4) and Vince DeGulis (Top 8) as they recap the general feeling of Gen Con and how the experience was for them.  Sure to be only the first time they discuss the exciting weekend!

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Blaster Deck Tech


Today Vince gives us his full Breakdown for his Top Eight Gen Con finishing deck: Four Wide Blaster! This deck utilizes the exciting new Autobot cassette strategy, full of nostalgia (how many of you ever even played a tape!?), fun, and effectiveness!  Highly suggest you take this deck for a spin, and make your own improvements for your local Energon Invitational qualifier metagames!  Note: Yes, we know they are not "spells"...old habits die hard I guess ;-) 

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Gen Con (Siege) Discussions

Tech Talk with WotC staff


Scott and Vince from Tech Talk had a great opportunity to sit down with many members of the WotC Transformers TCG design/brand staff and discuss both the event at Gen Con (recorded on Saturday AM), the design of the game, and the future of the game.  Thanks to the staff for this unique opportunity!  Enjoy!  

Note: Audio is best you can do given the nature of a giant hall at Gen Con 

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Gen Con Prep: Know Thyself


 Origins Open finalist Dan Arnold gives some last minute advice to prepare yourself for what is sure to be the highest attended, highest competition level Transformers TCG event to date at Gen Con!  Even if you are not attending, there is some great tournament advice to be gleaned! 

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Tech Talk 38: Gen Con Prep


Scott and Vince quickly talk about the Soundwave/Blaster battle cards before a long conversation about how to prepare logistically for the Gen Con trip and how to mentally and physically adjust for the tough on-site schedule! 

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Siege: War for Cybertron

Self Reflection on the Why?!


Vince gives a short synopsis of his self-reflection playing the Transformers TCG during the RotC meta and how it affected his mental toughness and desires to compete

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Interview with Drew Nolosco, Brand Manager on Organized Play


Drew Nolosco, brand manager of the Transformers TCG, was kind enough to sit down with Scott and Vince of Tech Talk again before his trip to San Diego Comic Con!  We discuss all things Organized Play, and admittedly Drew dodged no difficult questions.  Make sure you check out this honest and exciting conversation! 

Note: there were some technical difficulties around 40-50 in that persisted due to sensitive Mic issues, sorry about that, we did not want to edit out any of the really great content!

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Updating Orange Decks with Siege


Scott and Vince sit down EXCLUSIVELY with Drew Nolosco to discuss "Rise of the Combiners" as well as the exciting future of the Transformers TCG!

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Siege: War for Cybertron (I) Metagame

Tech Talk 36: Play-testing Methodology


Scott and Vince start their series on preparing for and excelling at Organized Play events with a discussion of how they approach the Playtesting phase of the Transformers TCG given their long experience in this area from their many years of competitive TCG play!

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Looking to the Past for Inspiration


 In early attempts to make sense of this new upcoming Metagame, in such a short time frame, Scott Landis looks to Battle cards of the past for inspiration and synergy 

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Black Hats: A Critical Look at Black Pips in Siege


The VectorSigma Crew sat down after out first Wave 2 Event at the Adventures Guild.  We played a post event game and discussed what decks were in the Top 4,; what we liked, disliked, and had some fun along the way.  Top 4 decklists can be found in Decklist section

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Siege: War for Cyberton (I) Content

Tech Talk 35: Blaster vs. Soundwave and Omnibots


Join Scott and Vince as they go over the recently spoiled Soundwave vs. Blaster product, including its legality at the upcoming Gen Con open, and the SDCC Omnibots!

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Is Siege the Time to "All Hail Megatron"?


Vince takes a look back at the various iterations of Megatron that failed to make a splash on the competitive front, and looks forward to the new General Megatron who may succeed where others failed?!

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Siege: Blue Meta Updates


Dan Arnold takes a look at using Siege  to update two of the major players in the RotC metagame:  Aerialbots and All Hail Optimus 

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Pastimes' John Temple!


 Scott and Vince talk with Pastimes Marketing Manager John Temple about the upcoming Transformers TCG Energon Invitational and especially the upcoming Origins Game Fair! 

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Hot Take ORGANIZED PLAY Podcast!!!!


 Tech Talk 31 Quick Turn around! Want the most in-depth theories on Organized Play from the most competitive Transformers TCG Content Creators? Then you MUST listen to this podcast! 

Tech Talk

Patreon Announcement


Consider supporting team on Patreon so we can continue to bring you high quality Transformers TCG content on a daily basis! 

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Siege: War for Cyberton I

Tech Talk 34: Siege Excitement!


Scott and Vince discuss the Siege cards they are most excited about sleeving up and testing this coming weekend for the first playtesting bonanza to get ready for Gen Con!  

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Sealed Deck Primer



 Scott continues our Sealed Deck focused week with a Primer on the "rules" of Siege Sealed deck! 

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Sealed Deck Pools!


You've read and watched us all week give advice on how to build decks from six packs of Siege, now try it with us!

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Origins: Energon Open

Tech Talk 33 : Origins Round Up


 Since Vince could not attend Origins, he grills Scott on all the happenings that went on there. We go over the amazing performance of the team, including Dan's finals appearance, but most importantly we talk about the effects of the first Energon Open on Organized Play in the Transformers it will be affected going forward. Tune in for a great look at the future of OP! 

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Origins Recap : Patreon


Scott Landis goes over a lot of team stats from Origins and further explains the benefits of the team when approaching the upcoming Gen Con and Qualifier Season

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Dan Arnold: Recap (Second Place)


Dan Arnold recounts his Origins weekend (and some before) that led up to his impressive second place finish in the first major TF TCG OP Event!

Origins Recap

Siege: war for Cybertron

Siege: War for Cybertron Preview: Private Top Shot


Scott Landis introduces us to a new Micromaster who mirrors a very popular Orange Battle card!

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Building a Competitive Deck: Basics


Collaboration with Cameron of Arbitrary Hero!  

Scott and Cameron talk about some of the thoughts that need to go into building a competitive deck . They discuss overall strategies in deck building as well as some ways to assess the value behind character and battle cards!   No matter you experience level in deck building or playing in the Transformers TCG, everyone can get a lot of out this discussion...enjoy! 

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Tech Talk Latest Siege Reveals!


Scott and Vince go over some Origins information and then deep dives into the remaining characters and battle cards revealed for Siege: War for Cybertron I (Two Part Podcast)

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Siege: war for Cybertron

Tech Talk 30 - Two Parts


Scott and Vince talk about the recent Patreon announcement and the results of another local Case Event. They also discuss the current state of the Transformers TCG metagame and how to prepare for the remaining time during this Rise of the Combiners Meta.  Part II is continued Siege Spoilers! 

Watch/Listen Here

Siege: War for Cybertron Preview: Spinner Rims


 Scott Landis introduces us to a new Utility that is sure to help out Mirage and Jazz, Spinner Rims! 

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Tech Talk Eps 29 - Two Parts


Not a lot of Spoilers, but still a lot of discussion..we split into two: Battle Cards and Character Cards...enjoy!

Listen/Watch Here

Rise of the Combiners Metagame Analysis

Tech Talk 28-B



Part 2 of the latest Tech Talk, the only weekly Transformers TCG Podcast. Today we go over the plethora of Siege: War for Cybertron cards previewed over the last few weeks and how they may fit into existing strategies, or spawn their own new ones!

It's a long discussion since there were a lot of cards spoiled while we were on a one-week vacation hiatus, so enjoy!

Listen/Watch Here

Tech Talk 28-A


Due to Scott's Vacation, we had many Siege: War for Cybertron to go over and some other news so we decided to split the podcast into two "more easily digestible podcasts"..for the first one we go over recent Transformers TCG news: the potential information dropping over the summer convention series, the RotC metagame, and some general Wave 3 info.

Stay tuned later in the week for part two where we go in depth over the new Siege Spoilers!

Listen/Watch it here

The Evolution of Sentinels


 Dan Arnold takes a look of how the powerful aggro-control Sentinels deck has evolved since the start of the RotC metagame..a must read to understand this powerful deck! 

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Rise of the Combiners: Metagame Analysis

Missteps in the first month of Rise of the Combiners (Part II)


Rejoin Team for our second round-table article about missteps we made in evaluating and playing with RotC in the first month of its release.  

Rotc missteps 2

Missteps in the first month of Rise of the Combiners


 Join Team for our first round-table article about missteps we made in evaluating and playing with RotC in the first month of its release.  Look for a second list (we made many!) later this week! 

Rotc missteps

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