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Rise of the Combiners (Rotc): Exclusive Spoilers and Content

Insecticon Psy Ops: Bombshell

Rise of the Combiners
Wave 2 
Transformers TCG

The Remix of Bombshell brings combo potential to the forefront of the Transformers TCG.  Read about this interesting Rise of the Combiners Insecticon in Scott's preview article!

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But there is a "Me" in "Team"..


Jon Palmer takes a look at some of the Combiner parts and discusses their uses outside the stated Combiner team!

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Tech Talk 16: More RotC Spoiler Talk!

Rise of the Combiners
Transfomers TCG

Join Scott and Vince as they talk about A LOT of Rise of the Combiners spoilers! They also discuss the upcoming Pax East schedule and everything going on in the Transformers TCG!

Watch it Here

Wave 1 Metagame Wrap Ups

Bold Call: Hits and Misses from the Wave One Puzzle with Scott Landis


It is important when facing a new set to look back at the calls one made with the older set(s) and walk through some of the steps that changed your mind over time.  We can only improve by recognizing past errors!

Wave 1 Meta; Hits and Misses

Wave 2 : Exclusive Vector Sigma Spoilers!

NEW Interview with TF TCG Brand Manager Drew Nolosco!

Drew Nolosco

Scott and Vince sit down EXCLUSIVELY with Drew Nolosco to discuss "Rise of the Combiners" as well as the exciting future of the Transformers TCG!

Upgrade: Inverted


Our third exclusive Wave 2 Spoiler, the Upgrade Inverted!

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Upgrade: Recon System: Exclusive Preview!


Our second exclusive Wave 2 Spoiler, the Upgrade Recon System

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New Multimedia Content!

New YouTube Page and Videos on Site!


Team Vector Sigma is proud to bring you our new multi-media video content wing!  Join us for Tournament game play videos, game play commentary, meta game playtesting sessions, and new deck discovery (Especially when Wave 2 drops!)

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Tech Talk 14: A Transformers TCG Podcast

Episode 14 of Tech Talk (11-13 in Hot Takes Section)


This week Vince and Scott discuss the weekly rules communication (though the first one came out after we recorded) as well as dive into last weeks Wave 2 spoilers including the Dinobot and Stunticon combiners!

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Vince's Early Takes


Vince adds his thoughts to the early Wave 2 Spoilers

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Wave 2 Hot Take Podcast 2 : Jan 17


 Check out Vince and Scott as they continue to discuss the Wave 2 previews  (Thursday Jan. 17) 

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Wave 2 : Exclusive Vector Sigma Spoilers!

Insecticon Leader Venin: Exclusive Preview!


Our first exclusive Wave 2 Spoiler, the Insecticon Leader Venin!

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Vince's Early Takes


Vince adds his thoughts to the early Wave 2 Spoilers

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Wave 2 Hot Take Podcast 2 : Jan 17


 Check out Vince and Scott as they continue to discuss the Wave 2 previews  (Thursday Jan. 17) 

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Wave 2 : Spoilers, Hot Takes, Articles, Visual Spoilers!

Wave 2 Visual Spoiler


Check out all of the Spoiled Wave 2 Cards in one easy to view Gallery!

View it here

Wave 2 Hot Takes by Team Vector Sigma


Team Vector Sigma gives their initial thoughts on Wave 2 cards as they are released..check back often will be updated every few days!

REad them here!

Hot Take Tech Talk Podcast


Check out Vince and Scott as they discuss Wave 2 the day the first news dropped (Thursday Jan. 10)

Listen to it Here

Weird Plex but Ok

Palmer on Metroplex


Jon Palmer of Team discusses his experiences building and playing Metroplex at some year end tournaments!  If you are looking to use and abuse this Titan, check it out!


Autobot Cars Redux - Vince's Tournament Experience

Vince updates Autobot Cars for his expected Blue based meta to excellent tournament success!


 Vince DeGulis, host of the Tech Talk podcast, with his first written article for  He goes over an Autobot Cars list he adapted to win a local tournament over the Holiday Break 

Updated Cars

Insecticons: understanding the PRimes match-up

Mark Kinney with his premiere article on the deck he has played since day 1: Insecticons


Mark Kinney, a member of team, goes a bit deeper into the Insecticons deck that he has so much tournament experience with, specifically focusing on the match-up with Power of the Primes/The Touch! 

Mark on Bugs

The Knowledge of Vector Sigma: Transformers TCG Podcast

Tech Talk Podcast 10 with House of Random (Post Pax)

image81 team member Jon Palmer stops by to discuss his Uncut Sheet win at Pax Unplugged, we also discuss some under powered Tribal Builds and what they need in the future to be viable/why they are not viable in competitive play now!  


Sorry up front, there may be some sound issues (we are not audio professionals, just gamers that have things to say!).

Also find us on Soundcloud at   or search "Random's Thoughts" in the Apple Podcast store

Podcast 10: Palmer and Underpowered tribes

Interview with Drew Nolosco, Brand Manager of the TF TCG

'Tech Talk sits down with Drew Nolosco at Pax Unplugged!


A transcription (due to technical difficulties) of our interview with Drew Nolosco, Brand Manager of the Transformers TCG, at Pax Unplugged.  Drew sat down with Scott and Vin of 'Tech Talk and we thank him for his insights!

Interview Transcription

Identifying and studying your mistakes

Scott dissects ONE PLAY from a match at Pax Unplugged


Scott reflectively dissects ONE PLAY he made in a match-up with Joe Baiocchi from Saturday's Uncut Sheet tournament at Pax.  Learn how one play can make or break an entire match as game play is that tight.  What is a mistake in game play?  How do you recognize it?  

Learn from your mistakes

"The Touch" : Pax Unplugged Recap and Deck Tech

Scott talks about his Pax Unplugged experience and Power of the Primes decklist dubbed "The Touch"


A recap of the 10-0 start to Pax Unplugged on Friday followed by a full deck tech told through the lens of the most famous battle on screen in Transformers History!

Pax Unplugged Recap

BUGS!: Pax Unplugged Recap

Jon talks about his weekend experience with Insecticons including an Uncut sheet 5-0 performance!


 Jon Palmer, a member of team, goes over his Uncut Sheet winning Insecticon list and the decisions made in building and playing it! 

Bugs at Pax

The Knowledge of Vector Sigma: Cards that cross tribal lines

Understanding which Tribes make the best use of powerful Neutral cards

Dinobots Insecticons

Each Tribe in the Transformers TCG has their own themes and cards, but which universal cards shine in certain Tribal Themes?

Tribal Warfare: Neutrals

The Knowledge of Vector Sigma: Transformers TCG Strategy

Freedom Lies in Being Bold: Part 2, Aggro Control BOLD with Planes


The latest strategy article brought to you by Vector Sigma!

Bold Series: Article 2

Aggressive Bold: The Dinobots

Dinobots Transformers Trading Card Game

First in a series of deckbuilds using BOLD

Bold Aggro: Dinobots

TF TCG Fan Run Face Book

Transformers Trading Card Game
Optimus Prime

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