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Titan Masters Attack! VS exclusives


Titan Masters Attack Exclusive Preview: Pounce

The Decepticon clone of Wingspan brings a lot of Secret Action synergy to the Transformers TCG.  Take a look at an in-depth look at this board and card advantage feline package! 


Titan Masters Attack Exclusive Preview: Beachcomber

The Autobot's Geologist and resident surfer dude can really draw you out of a lot of sticky situations!  Check out the premier of this exciting mini-bot and Stratagem from Titan Masters Attack! 


Titan Masters Attack Exclusive Preview: Windcharger

The Wind beneath my Wings!  Scott previews the exciting and powerful SRT mini-bot and his Stratagem from the Generation One days as he makes his debut in the TCG with Titan Masters Attack!


Perception is Realty!

The time you've all been waiting for! Join Energon Invitational winner Dan Arnold as he gives us a preview of his self-made character  Energon Invitational prize: Titan Master Perceptor! 


Titan Masters Attack! Card of the Day!

Each week leading up to the sets release, three to four times a week, Team team members will bring you their "Hot Takes" on this exciting new set.  Opinions will change as more cards are released of course, so stop back often to get the latest dish! 





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Latest Content

Pounce Reveal!

Building Blocks

Building Blocks


Join Scott for the latest Titan Masters Attack! reveal from Vector Sigma - Pounce!

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Building Blocks


Dan dives into his early thoughts about the Siege block constructed format! YOu want the early tips and tricks? You got 'em!

Mental Blocks

Building Blocks

Mental Blocks


Vince takes a step away from the typical and talks a little about the Siege block constructed format, the new wild west of the Transformers TCG!

Latest Patreon Content

VS Makes the Plays

VS Makes the Plays

VS Makes the Plays


Dan breaks down a recent tournament match between Galaxy Prime vs Octone. He provides an in-depth play-by-play of where things went wrong, and more importantly how to improve!

February AlphaCast

VS Makes the Plays

VS Makes the Plays


Come join Scott and Dan for a patron submitted Q&A

VS Card of the Day

VS Makes the Plays

VS Card of the Day


Fresh hot takes! get 'em while they're still hot! Check out the VS team's thoughts on some of the Titan Masters Attack! reveals.

War for cybertron siege I/II Analysis


Power of the Primes: Dan Arnold Energon Invitational Tournament Report (Champion)

Energon Invitational CHAMPION Dan Arnold discusses his experiences throughout the event and has some retrospective moments on other TCG experiences in his past.  A great look behind the curtain of our champ!

Siege I : Metagame ANalysis


Tech Talk 42: Spheres Cont.

Scott and Vince expand upon the "Spheres Theory" that Scott wrote about last week: an attempt to esoterically explain the metagame! Definitely one you do NOT want to miss, and please feel free to shoot any questions our way! 


The Spherical Metagame: Part I

A theory so large it had to be stretched over two day!  Join Scott as he begins a journey of defining the Siege metagame..not on a deck by deck basis, but in a theoretical sense..


The Spherical Metagame Part II

Scott concludes (continues?) his theory on the Metagame, complete with a Spherical graphic that explains how various deck builds interact. Just the tip of the iceberg for this complex topic

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